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Solaris Systems Programming

Errata for Solaris Systems Programming

This page contains all the typos in the book Solaris Systems Programming by Rich Teer, Prentice Hall, 2005, ISBN 0-201-75039-2.

This page was last updated September 26, 2004.

The following errors have not been corrected in any printing.

Page Description
10 In the 3rd sentence of the 2nd paragraph, replace "DIR" with "dirent".
22 The last line should read "that is run by one user...".
45 In the last sentence of the 3rd paragraph, "The BSD relases" should be "The BSD releases".
272 The first two lines of the example showing the use of Program 7.16 should refer to /etc/shells, not /etc/shalls.
394 In the function prototype box, replace "DIR object" with "dirent object".

Delete one of the occurences of the word "to" in the first sentence after the function prototype box.
425 The word "commands" in Section 11.4's heading should start with a capital letter.
663 The word "the" in Program 15.10's caption should be replaced with "that".
678 The word "process" in Figure 16.1's caption should be replaced with "processes".
730 The word "than" in Program 17.4's caption should be replaced with "that".
746 Insert the word "the" before "SVR4" in Figure 17.4's caption.

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