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Solaris Systems Programming
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Solaris Systems Programming, 2005, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-201-75039-2.
  • This book started shipping from Prentice Hall's warehouse on August 20th, 2004.

  • Table of Contents: [HTML, 117 KB] [PDF, 102 KB] [PostScript, 219 KB]

  • Preface: [HTML] [PDF] [PostScript]

  • Sample chapter: Chapter 8: System Information and Resource Limits,
    62 pages: [PDF, 176 KB] [PostScript, 408 KB]

  • Index [HTML, 331 KB]

  • Current errata

  • Source code for all the examples in the book (68 KB gzipped tar file).
    README file for the source code.
    LICENSE for the source code, which is based on the BSD License.

Praise for Solaris Systems Programming

"The book is informative, complete, consice, and thoughtfully written. [...] This is hands-down a must have book that has finally shrunk my stack of reference books from 8 to just 3. [...] I certainly wish I'd had this book when I started years ago."—Ben Rockwood. Read Ben's complete review, which appeared on Slashdot and SunHelp.org.

"[A]ll serious "C" programmers should consider this book. In fact, if you are a Solaris systems programmer, I can not see how you can afford to be without it."—Ed Schaefer on UnixReview.com.

"This book will undoubtedly become the Solaris Programmer's Bible. The author, Rich Teer has an informative and approachable style, and conveys often complex concepts with absolute ease."—Sean Sprague.

"This is an excellent book for writing in C on the Solaris UNIX platform."—Randy Given.

"This book stands alone as being a comprehensive reference on the Solaris OS."—Lance Feagan.

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